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Feature items: NIST workshop on election data standards - Papers and Presentations
ebXML News and Events -
Using Trusted Logic Voting with OASIS EML 4.0
Trusted Voting Elections website
Wind Power Projects News
  ebXML Presentations from XML2004 enabling Global e-Service Solutions
  ISO approves ebXML Standard - ISO15000
  Death by UML Fever! - Queue Magazine Article
  US Gov DOD EMall Embraces ebXML Messaging interview on ebXML
  Rules for Agility - creating rule driven applications
  NETWORK WORLD - ebXML and webservices
  Government and XML
  BCM - Business-Centric Methodology
  Understanding NetCentric Communities of Interest
  The Disruptive Web
  IT Planning - Cultivating Innovation
  Visual Scripting of XML (download) NEW v2.0
  XML acronym de-mystifier
  ebXML site
  ebXML adoption
  ebXML Messaging Compared
  ebXML BPSS project notes
  Will business buy into ebXML ?
  Thoughts on web services today.
  ebXML overview (english) and (german)
  The Value of Open Standards White Paper
  The Future of Business Process Technology
  Chess tournament VICTORY!
  Photography sampler
  ISS Orbit and Visible NightSky
  Star and Planet Map overhead
  Mapping the Universe
  Aerial Reconnaissance Archive (RAF WWII)
  2003 Events
Photography: Webber Studio
Blogs: My blog
  Renewable Energy Issues and Wind Turbines
  ebXML News
  Trusted Logic Voting (TLV) elections
  Related Wind power site.
  David Webber LinkedIn Profile NEW

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